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S- *raps*
Hip attack when the where we’re back
You try you try you try to understand
You try you try you try to turn us down
Hip attack when the where we’re back
You try you try to you try to turn our trick
You try you try you try but you lay it on to thick

And there’s ethics and ethnics in everything
But we don’t care about your primordial bling bling
And if it doesn’t go chugga chug like this train we’re riding
This is S and this is J, against the rest of the world
Is where we’re sidin’

J- *rolls eyes* Ok, do it again, this time with more ghetto and I'll record it *holds up tape recorder*

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S - *in poetic fashion, reads the following poem:*

"These Songs"

These Songs

Play a whole CD
You tell me it’s how you feel
So I listen to it, I take it home and put it on my head phones
I sit, I sway
I become you in every way
I choose to assume your figure
These songs, they are you
And they are you because you told me they were
There need be no more complex reason
These songs, I hear no voice, no music
Only your feeling
For you told me they are exactly how you feel
And maybe if I can’t understand
I will listen to you all day
I have listened to you all day
Just for you, for these songs… are you.
Why are they you?
Because you said so.
And I trust that
Who would know yourself better?
Maybe I would,
Maybe I would, after listening to this CD.
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Special and for you, my Jepp!

“I am Pigmy, I eat you.” An S & J original

written by S on a sunny night
for J who needs some good ol’ fashioned fried turkey.

S & J are at a local mall, just chilling it, bumming it as usual… (It happens to be a slow day in the crime world)

S- I love these pink flowered shirts, don’t you?
J- No, *in a snobbish accent* I’d prefer them in retail.
S- I know exactly what you mean, it’s so hard to shop off these already customers *stevie offers more money to the woman wearing the pink flowered shirt*
J- I don’t think she’s selling my darling
S- *notices the woman backs away slowly, smiles invitingly*
J- Oh waiter, waiter! *snaps fingers*
S- *starts speaking to the woman via gestures and grins* (the woman has already left the mall premise)
J- I need an Ice-T
S- We can’t all have happy dawgs at our disposal!
J- *finally taking notice of Stevie’s dilemma* I’m sorry about the shirt.
S- *cries*
J- There there, *pats her shoulder* Waiter!
S- I feel a little better now, *sniffle*
J- It seems these “malls” are ill-equipped with slave service for my every whim and need…
S- Tragic, really tragic
J- It’s all up to me, I’ll have to construct a new slave-creature-beast
S- *hides*
J- No, not you! Come out here, *summons S back to the campsite*
S- My word, how did we ever make it to a campsite?
J- That’s not important! Now… *takes out a bic pen from her pocket* I did this once… I wonder how I did that… but I know that I can do it again
S- Good luck my friend. *hands J ceremonial black book that seems to have come out of nowhere, similar to the campsite in the middle of the mall they were carelessly harassing*
J- *chants special phrase “I was fighting the mold in the bowl with my pee…”*
S- ooo classic, write us a story punk rock chick!
J- No problem! *writes writes writes*

…After several hours of this

S- uh jepp, how’s the story?
J- Shush! It’s a delicate process!
S- I don’t think it’s working…
J- How dare you contradict me! Skum!
S- … Um, well can I read it?
J- Yes, but I want a slave like bubbles, even though Bubbles isn’t a slave, to pop out of my pen soon, so don’t take too long!
S- *reads a little* Jepp.
J- Yes?
S- This isn’t a story. It’s a picture of me eating a badly represented piece of pineapple… at least I think that’s me and a pineapple. And these here look like pigmies… sticking spears into my butt… and there’s a couple splotches here that look like they should be words… but the letter “R” is used far too much to achieve this…
J- *blushes* I think she likes it
S- *blank stare* I’m gobsmacked.
J- Yes, I tired to represent that in this part here *points to Stevie’s lower back*
S- You’re hopeless, and you didn’t draw this, this is me, my actual body.
J- Sure.
S- It is.
J- That’s what they ALL say *points to imaginary people*
S- Yes, yes it is. *nods*
J- You have no idea what I’m talking about! Stevie!
S- Jepp!
J- Stevie!
S- Monkey!
J- Solar!

S and J then transform and decide to never take a day off from crime fighting ever again… (for it makes them crazy) – the solar monkeys arrive then in a huge flock, two large ones swoop down and S & J ride them off to victory over Evil in the Land! The only thing left in the mall was a flaming message fashioned by Bubbles as they left, it read: “I am Pigmy, I eat you”

Until next time!
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S J in December

S- Hallo, imperishable morning! *looking to the sky*
J- Yes, yes, good day to you sir!
S- ?
J- Yes yes! Good morning!
S- Why must you repeat the yes, miss jeppiness?
J- My darling, but why not!
S- I can fathom several reasons.
J- Oh, ho ho, can you?
S- “Ho ho” *mockingly* are you santa claus now?!
J- … Yes! (yes) *dons santa suit*
S- *looks at watch* it is far too early to be playing dress up
J- *applying white beard to face* technically, it’s just very late at last night
S- It’s 11am
J- Very, VERY late
S- I see.
J- as do I! I see little kids! Here take this *hands Stevie a grinch constume*
S- Why must I be the grinch!?!?!
J- He’s green! Like you! I thought you’d like that!
S- lies
J- lies?! Santa cannot lie! *struts around in suit*
S- You just want to turn me into the bad guy! Like you always do!
J- I never do any such thing!
S- *sings* no one wants to be, called the bad guy
J- song and dance now?
S- no, just me
J- I see
S- *sings* tension is not the enemy, just the messager
J- Oh?
J- Ohhhhhhhh so you’re using this like I do? Venting your problems through a seemingly funny S & J who end up making no sense as usual!
S- I don’t think I’m over her
J- her?
S- her. My largest girl crush.
J- Her?! I remember her! The one you were after all year and shot you down!
S- I know. I’ve been around her these last few days. I am so happy around her, it’s horrible
J- but… you’re happy now, you have someone
S- yes
J- someone I still have to approve!
S- I wish she was here
J- which she?!
S- …both?
J- oh stevie, come here, sit on santa’s lap
S- *rests head on santa/J’s lap* oh dear.
J- I have the solution
S- yes? Oh wise one?
J- yes. Yes. *laughs manically*
S- The solution please *annoyed now*
J- Put this “her” this “her” from the past out of your head. She shot you down, she doesn’t swing your way, she doesn’t deserve your thoughts. You’ve never been happier than you’ve been lately! And that’s all thanks to this new she! Who I still need to approve, but honestly honey, you’ve never been happier!
S- Since when did you get so good at giving advice?!
J- Since you started giving me lessons – wow that was a mouthful
…Guest appearance Justin-Ryan
W- True that!
…He walks off into the distance
S- ?
J- You see, even the whore agrees with me
S- I see, and you’re right and I’m just being silly
J- You silly, silly little female
S- I’m so silly!
J- Yes, you’re silly!
J- aha?
S- you didn’t double your yes
J- I thought it.
S- dork.
J- indeed, we are dork machines.
And S & J do the dork machine dance, J in Santa suit, S looking to the morning sky thinking about her girlfriend, to the tune of “Domo arigato Mr. Roboto”
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plz add these interests: " all of it, angie aparo, angie noll, ani difranco, atheist, audrey tautou, beach bums, beatniks, being god, bif naked, bisexuality, boa, boys, braless, bravery, casey jones, cederwood sage body lotion, chan kong sang, change, chastity, chocolate lip smacker, clerks, complete contradictions, cornershop, cuties, daydreams, diet mt. dew, digimon, disney movies, dispatch, dorks on sporks, dos, dreadlocks, edward, everclear, everyone, everyone else, fight club, flcl, french movies, friends, frogpond, girlscoutsbeatingthecrapoutofboyscouts, going commando, grass, green, guitars, guys, guys insane, guys with guitars, hair, happiness, hereford theatre, hippies, homosexuals, insanity, internet hoards of boys, intuition, jackie chan, jepp, jepp jones, john updike, justin ryan, kill bill, kindness, lain, lesbianism, life, lime, literature, logic, lost little stick men, love, love songs, millie, monkey island, music, myself, nakedness, nudity, nuns, open skys, ordinary days, personality disorders, philosophy, poetry, problem solving, psychology, pulp fiction, real stuff, s & j, satire, sea creatures, serial experiments lain, sidewalk spit, skin, stacy's mom, stevie, sushi, sweetness, tarot, the cure, the waifs, they might be giants, third eye blind, tomatoes, trees, variety, vast, waifs, winking at strangers, wired frogs, writing, you, you suck. "

to the sconj community, I tried to today, but I failed
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J- *frets frets frets*
S- do not fret! I have to be up at 7am tomorrow morning!
J- Why?
S- Because I'm stupid and didn't realize it
J- Oi. Too early.
S- yep
J- *freaks*
S- *storms out*
J- *paces* jeeze, I'm so depressed
S- *comes back w/ huge ass laser gun* watch this! *destroys all stupid boys in the Pitt*
J- My friends!
S- they weren't worth it.
J- But still
...justin ryan walks in
W- They so weren't worth it
J- If you say so
S- Fine, listen to him and not me *storms out*
J- So justin, whatcha up to tonight? *hits on*
W- *raises eyebrow* This may be a happy ending after all
S- *from a far* EWWW


J- *dressing in strange clothing*
S- *running around in circles*
J- I'm in strange clothing!
S- I'm dizzy
J- No, no! I'm in weird clothes! You know what that means?
S- ehhhh?
J- You're in pittsburgh!!!
S- I am?!
J- Yes!! *HUGS S*
S- I'm in pittsburgh! YAY! *falls over*

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eek! the stevie and the jepp will be reunited tomorrow evening!
the world will be in either compelete chaos, or utter peace once again. or both. but still, WOOT ( in the words of stevie)

i want him now. this is not good.

s- stop thinking about him!
j- i can't! he seduced me in my dream!
s- arn't you the one usually doing the seducing?
j- yea, this is why it's weird and im even more attracted
s- not good
j- i know! make it stop
s- how?!
j- i dont know, use an elixer of some kind
j- what?
s- you've been hanging out in Art School too long...
j- what do you mean?
s- elixer?! only Uber Geeks who play EQ and RPG's and stuff like that say that shit...
j- o, well i dont hang out w/ the people who like to think they live in anime, and games...
s- sure you dont! you're one of them arn't you
j- *punches s*
s- HEY!
j- yea, that's right be-otch, you deserve that
s- 'be-otch'? i need to get you out of there
j- i agree...
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