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plz add these interests: " all of it, angie aparo, angie noll, ani difranco, atheist, audrey tautou, beach bums, beatniks, being god, bif naked, bisexuality, boa, boys, braless, bravery, casey jones, cederwood sage body lotion, chan kong sang, change, chastity, chocolate lip smacker, clerks, complete contradictions, cornershop, cuties, daydreams, diet mt. dew, digimon, disney movies, dispatch, dorks on sporks, dos, dreadlocks, edward, everclear, everyone, everyone else, fight club, flcl, french movies, friends, frogpond, girlscoutsbeatingthecrapoutofboyscouts, going commando, grass, green, guitars, guys, guys insane, guys with guitars, hair, happiness, hereford theatre, hippies, homosexuals, insanity, internet hoards of boys, intuition, jackie chan, jepp, jepp jones, john updike, justin ryan, kill bill, kindness, lain, lesbianism, life, lime, literature, logic, lost little stick men, love, love songs, millie, monkey island, music, myself, nakedness, nudity, nuns, open skys, ordinary days, personality disorders, philosophy, poetry, problem solving, psychology, pulp fiction, real stuff, s & j, satire, sea creatures, serial experiments lain, sidewalk spit, skin, stacy's mom, stevie, sushi, sweetness, tarot, the cure, the waifs, they might be giants, third eye blind, tomatoes, trees, variety, vast, waifs, winking at strangers, wired frogs, writing, you, you suck. "

to the sconj community, I tried to today, but I failed

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