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S J in December

S- Hallo, imperishable morning! *looking to the sky*
J- Yes, yes, good day to you sir!
S- ?
J- Yes yes! Good morning!
S- Why must you repeat the yes, miss jeppiness?
J- My darling, but why not!
S- I can fathom several reasons.
J- Oh, ho ho, can you?
S- “Ho ho” *mockingly* are you santa claus now?!
J- … Yes! (yes) *dons santa suit*
S- *looks at watch* it is far too early to be playing dress up
J- *applying white beard to face* technically, it’s just very late at last night
S- It’s 11am
J- Very, VERY late
S- I see.
J- as do I! I see little kids! Here take this *hands Stevie a grinch constume*
S- Why must I be the grinch!?!?!
J- He’s green! Like you! I thought you’d like that!
S- lies
J- lies?! Santa cannot lie! *struts around in suit*
S- You just want to turn me into the bad guy! Like you always do!
J- I never do any such thing!
S- *sings* no one wants to be, called the bad guy
J- song and dance now?
S- no, just me
J- I see
S- *sings* tension is not the enemy, just the messager
J- Oh?
J- Ohhhhhhhh so you’re using this like I do? Venting your problems through a seemingly funny S & J who end up making no sense as usual!
S- I don’t think I’m over her
J- her?
S- her. My largest girl crush.
J- Her?! I remember her! The one you were after all year and shot you down!
S- I know. I’ve been around her these last few days. I am so happy around her, it’s horrible
J- but… you’re happy now, you have someone
S- yes
J- someone I still have to approve!
S- I wish she was here
J- which she?!
S- …both?
J- oh stevie, come here, sit on santa’s lap
S- *rests head on santa/J’s lap* oh dear.
J- I have the solution
S- yes? Oh wise one?
J- yes. Yes. *laughs manically*
S- The solution please *annoyed now*
J- Put this “her” this “her” from the past out of your head. She shot you down, she doesn’t swing your way, she doesn’t deserve your thoughts. You’ve never been happier than you’ve been lately! And that’s all thanks to this new she! Who I still need to approve, but honestly honey, you’ve never been happier!
S- Since when did you get so good at giving advice?!
J- Since you started giving me lessons – wow that was a mouthful
…Guest appearance Justin-Ryan
W- True that!
…He walks off into the distance
S- ?
J- You see, even the whore agrees with me
S- I see, and you’re right and I’m just being silly
J- You silly, silly little female
S- I’m so silly!
J- Yes, you’re silly!
J- aha?
S- you didn’t double your yes
J- I thought it.
S- dork.
J- indeed, we are dork machines.
And S & J do the dork machine dance, J in Santa suit, S looking to the morning sky thinking about her girlfriend, to the tune of “Domo arigato Mr. Roboto”

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