January 17th, 2005

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S - *in poetic fashion, reads the following poem:*

"These Songs"

These Songs

Play a whole CD
You tell me it’s how you feel
So I listen to it, I take it home and put it on my head phones
I sit, I sway
I become you in every way
I choose to assume your figure
These songs, they are you
And they are you because you told me they were
There need be no more complex reason
These songs, I hear no voice, no music
Only your feeling
For you told me they are exactly how you feel
And maybe if I can’t understand
I will listen to you all day
I have listened to you all day
Just for you, for these songs… are you.
Why are they you?
Because you said so.
And I trust that
Who would know yourself better?
Maybe I would,
Maybe I would, after listening to this CD.
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