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eek! the stevie and the jepp will be reunited tomorrow evening!
the world will be in either compelete chaos, or utter peace once again. or both. but still, WOOT ( in the words of stevie)

i want him now. this is not good.

s- stop thinking about him!
j- i can't! he seduced me in my dream!
s- arn't you the one usually doing the seducing?
j- yea, this is why it's weird and im even more attracted
s- not good
j- i know! make it stop
s- how?!
j- i dont know, use an elixer of some kind
j- what?
s- you've been hanging out in Art School too long...
j- what do you mean?
s- elixer?! only Uber Geeks who play EQ and RPG's and stuff like that say that shit...
j- o, well i dont hang out w/ the people who like to think they live in anime, and games...
s- sure you dont! you're one of them arn't you
j- *punches s*
s- HEY!
j- yea, that's right be-otch, you deserve that
s- 'be-otch'? i need to get you out of there
j- i agree...

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